… we can’t believe that Peace Day is going to be here so soon again and we’re busy planning, organising and reaching out widely to singers so that we really can have the biggest ‘choir’ in the world singing for peace this year, which is what we set out to do when we started back in 2014.

We’re excited that so many choirs have already signed up to sing with us again this year, including our first choir from Namibia, and we’re very delighted to have been featured in the magazines and web pages of some major education and music organisations this month, including Sing Up, Music Mark and Primary Music Magazine.

Canada holds a Peace Day on May 31st and we were honoured to be invited to speak (via a film link) at a brand new Peace Day event held in Ontario by PeaceworksTV.  We’re even more honoured now as they have chosen us as their favoured project to promote to schools and youth groups across Canada – something we really appreciate.

Back home at One Day One Choir HQ we’ve been linking up with, and supporting, all kinds of choirs and projects around the world who are busy preparing to sing with us on Peace Day.   We’re also planning our own special event for the day and we’re absolutely thrilled to have been given – yes given (for the day) an AMAZING venue in London which we can’t wait to tell you about next week.

We’re also going to be sharing our brand new promotional film with you then, as soon as we’ve finished putting the finishing touches and links to it.  So watch this space and in the meatime, keep inspiring others to sing and raise their voices to join us all on Peace Day.  Thank you.



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