… So we’re asking you all to spring into action, get the date in your diary (September 21st) and to help us spread the word so that we can inspire thousands more people to sign up and join in.  We’re aiming for at least 3 million voices this year, if not many more, so please add yours and help us to reach out far and wide by talking to friends and contacts and by sharing our project on social and other media.

As well as an ever increasing need for personal peace, there’s now more conflict in our world than at any time since WW2; what better reason to raise our voices more loudly than ever before so that those with responsibilty for policy making, and those with the power to make peace, can hear us.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you and your group can be part of our global choir on September 21st, so please connect with others, sign up (so we know you’re joining in and can put you on our world map) and raise your voice for peace.

We’re looking forward to receiving your sign ups and support.   We’re also planning some exciting collaborations of our own with international peacemakers at the heart of the project, including a larger than ever Trafalgar Square event and a special peace service, open to all, at the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral in London – as well as in schools, offices, concert venues, outdoor spaces and in community and faith centres around the world.  So watch this space and thank you for joining in and contributing to the much needed process of peacemaking.




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