We’re so uplifted to and excited to have experienced an increasing number of wonderful projects involving One Day One Choir supporters and collaborators in the last few weeks, uniting communities through the power of singing.

In South Wales, Peace Mala brought together children from schools around the UK and leaders from the community and 14 different faiths, to focus on peace and made singing a centre of unting everyone in an inspiring event in Llandaff Cathedral.

Roxanna Panufnik and Jessica Duchen premiered their wonderful ‘people’s opera’ Silver Birch, with more than 180 people from the local community and schools singing together and focussing on the struggles of family, community and young people when they have to go to war – and which tells a powerful and moving story based on real life war experiences.

Our wonderful supporter choral director Jeremy Haneman directed an incredible concert for and with refugees in London which was supported by the UN Immigration team; Common and Kind held a concert of world music to unite people from all sectors of the community through the power of singing together and Opera Holland Park put on a moving performance of Verdi’s Requiem with a hugely mixed chorus of amateur singers and professional soloists to highlight the terrible losses at Grenfell Tower, and to raise money for survivors.

These are just a handful of wonderful things happening around the world through to unite, bond, share and create harmony in communities through singing together.  Let’s hope that we continue to see many more – please let us know of any you are aware of globally so we can share them too – and please remember to sign up and sing for peacetogether with us on Peace Day this year.


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