With a month still to go to Peace Day, we’re feeling excited about the amazing sign-ups that are coming in from around the world and the wonderful array of groups who are joining us to sing for peace and unity.

We’re also thrilled that in the last two months more than 20 of the great cathedrals in the UK have signed up to sing with us, that groups from Russia, Angola, Israel, Nigeria and Indonesia have joined in and that community choirs, schools, faith groups, musicians and peace projects around the world are adding their names and voices to our growing map of choirs for peace on a daily basis.

As the new school term begins, we’re also working to inspire more and more teachers and schools to come on board for the 21st – so we’re asking for your help.

If you know or work with children, teachers and schools, please share our project and our website (including the image on this page) with them and ask them to sign up and join in. One Day One Choir is perfect for schools, is loved by teachers, supported by Sing Up and Music Mark and has free songs and assembly suggestions on the schools page as well.

Thank you for supporting us and for continuing to encourage as many other people as possible to sign up sing for peace as well 🙂

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