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Choir: kwahyuhr/noun - a group of people who sing together

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Welcome to One Day One Choir

One Day One Choir is an inspiring global peace initiative which uses the harmonious power of singing together to unite people around the world on Peace Day, September 21st.

Since we began in 2014 – as a response to growing unrest and conflict in the world – more than a million people, from all walks of life and a huge array of different singing groups, have joined in and sung with us in more than 50 countries. We’ve also gathered and are being helped by some wonderful supporters and collaborators.

We’d love you to join in too please, to add your voices to our growing ‘global choir’ for peace and to help make a difference where you live by bringing people together in your community to sing with a focus on unity and peace and how we might find ways to work towards it – peace at home, at school, in our work places and communities – and around the world.

Any group of any size, age, talent, style or mix can join in and you can choose what kind of song/s you’d like to sing. All that matters is that it works for peace and unity and it works for you. (We do have a new song you can try – have a look on our schools or join page).

So please sign up and add your voices to our growing global ‘choir’ for peace.

Our aim is to create the largest ‘choir’ in the world, singing for unity and peace, by 2018 – so we need you to help us by singing, supporting and sharing.

Thank you.

Social share!

Please, sign up to sing with us on Peace Day and share what you are doing, and our project, with as many other friends, singers, community, choir, social and school groups as you can - and on social media using #onedayonechoir. Thank you

What a brilliant and inspiring idea. I urge anyone who loves their singing to join in and be a part of this mighty Chorus of Goodwill across the globe; making the unifying voice of song a unifying voice for peace.

Howard Goodall

CBE - EMMY, BRIT and BAFTA award-winning composer and broadcaster

Get peace day in your diary for this September and join us and @OneDayOneChoir in songs of peace

We want to encourage #Norfolk schools to get involved with One Day One Choir - a global choral project to sing for peace on on World Peace Day – September 21st. #onedayonechoir #singing #opportunity @OneDayOneChoir

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Wonderful responses from around the world

With a week to go until Peace Day, we've almost been overwhelmed by the wonderful support, sign-ups and lovely messages we've been receiving from people around the world, who have been inspired by One Day One Choir and who are all adding their voices, and passion for...

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There’s still time to join us this year …

... so if you haven't already signed up to sing with us yet, please do; remember it's really easy to join in and one song is enough.   Sing wherever you are in your community, and if you're not sure what to sing - we have free songs for all ages on our schools page....

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One Month to Peace Day

With a month still to go to Peace Day, we're feeling excited about the amazing sign-ups that are coming in from around the world and the wonderful array of groups who are joining us to sing for peace and unity. We're also thrilled that in the last two months more than...

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More and more communities singing for peace and unity

We're so uplifted to and excited to have experienced an increasing number of wonderful projects involving One Day One Choir supporters and collaborators in the last few weeks, uniting communities through the power of singing. In South Wales, Peace Mala brought...

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Wondering what to sing on Peace Day?

We have the answer - a fabulous, brand new and easy to sing round, which you can translate into your own language and sing at your own pace and rhythm.  Help yourselves from our 'join' page - share with others and remember to sign up and tell us you're singing!  We...

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Sumer is a Cumin In …

... So what better time to start mobilising people in your schools, choirs and communities to sign up to sing for peace and unity with us on September 21st.  With all the turmoil we've seen around the world this year, there's no better time to pull together and raise...

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