… so if you haven’t already signed up to sing with us yet, please do; remember it’s really easy to join in and one song is enough.   Sing wherever you are in your community, and if you’re not sure what to sing – we have free songs for all ages on our schools page.

Welcome to thousands more singers in all kinds of groups and organisations who have joined us in the last few weeks; including one of the world’s best choirs, The Sixteen, who will be singing at Southwell Minster – who are dedicating their evensong to us – and 10 more cathedrals.  We’re also delighted to welcome Thai and Hindu Temples who will be chanting for peace with us, schools in Thailand, The Czech Republic, Vietnam, Eire, Canada, Pakistan and The Netherlands who will be singing in their assemblies and lots more community choirs and groups around the world who will be singing in all kinds of events on Peace Day.

We’d like to say thank you to Jessica Duchen at JDCMB and Roger Moisan at Freedom for Musicians for fantastic blogs about One Day One Choir, and to everyone else who is helping us to reach out and bring more and more people on board to sing for peace.

Thank you to you all too, for continuing to spread the word and inspiring others to join in – as well as for singing!   Remember to tag us in to your posts and videos so that we can share them on our Facebook Page 🙂

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