With a week to go until Peace Day, we’ve almost been overwhelmed by the wonderful support, sign-ups and lovely messages we’ve been receiving from people around the world, who have been inspired by One Day One Choir and who are all adding their voices, and passion for peace and unity, to our global project.

Children in Africa who are making videos for peace, students in Armenia who are engaging their global college group to sing with us, teachers in Dubai who have organised singing for peace, singers in Iran, Kabul, Venezuala and China, congregations in Sikh Gurdwaras and Hindu Temples and Thai and Tibetan Buddhist Monks who will all be chanting and singing for peace along with Muslim groups who will be gathering to recite spiritual poetry.

In Guernsey peals of bells will be rung before their multi choir peace concert begins, Wells Cathedral have invited multiple choirs from their community and commissioned a new piece of music for peace and 7 more cathedrals – from New Zealand to the UK – are dedicating their evensongs to peace with One Day One Choir.

University choirs, community groups and lots more schools around the world have joined us too in the last week; and BRE whose company tag line is ‘Making a better world together’, are mobilsing their 600+ workforce to sing – with the help of a training video made by one of their team, who is also now one of our great supporters.

In Truro, Cornwall more than 30 choirs will be singing as part of a special 2 day peace event for One Day One Choir organised by Paul Haines.  In Wales, Peace Mala schools will be bringing their children together to sing for peace in Swansea, and our supporters Tenebrae Choir will be dedicating their concert in Windsor Chapel.

We welcome and thank you all, for raising your voices for peace and unity in your communities and around the world, for becoming part of One Day One Choir and for reaching out to inspire and encourage others to come on board to think about and  sing for peace and unity in our world.

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